My name is Joe Jasinskas. I’m 35, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in January 2016 due to the high-carb western diet and a sedentary lifestyle.

The Doctor’s advise was literally “Eat better, and exercise”.  Could they be any more vague?  I had to resort to hitting Google and doing my own research to see exactly what I needed to do.

Since my diagnosis I’ve had to re-think how I eat, how I cook, and how I live my life.  The general consensus is to follow a low carb, sugar-free diet. On top of this, I also need to lose about 30-40lbs so I need to keep the fats in check. There are a myriad of low-carb “Fad” diets out there like Atkins and South Beach, which substitute fat for carbs to keep you fueled. Additionally, there’s the new fad of Paleo, and whole food diets, which may be great for some, but still rely on a lot of carbs. Out of the ones I have found specifically for diabetes, a very short few were what I’d consider excellent.

Let’s face it, carbs are cheap fuel. They’re found in everything from breads, pastas, grains, and cereals to potatoes, and other starchy root vegetables. These are the staples of most North American diets and generally easy on the pocketbook. As an example, I can buy a 10lb bag of pasta, and enough sugar-laden canned sauce to feed me for a week for under $10. A single head of Cauliflower was $8.50 the other day and I might get 2 meals out of it. Fresh foods like leafy greens, fresh vegetables, and meats are becoming quite expensive in Canada with the worsening Canadian dollar. So the decision is to save money and kill my self, or spend more to live a longer, healthier life. It’s no wonder that type 2 diabetes is becoming an epidemic in the western hemisphere.

So here I am, a self proclaimed food and cooking enthusiast, creating a site. I want to share some of the tips, tricks, and recipes I’ve found or created which manage keep my blood glucose in check. The goal is to keep it to diabetic friendly foods which are low-carb and lower fat, but still taste great. After all, food should be enjoyed, not a chore to get down your throat.

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