I wanted to get a quick update out so you know I haven’t disappeared. This will be my last (short) post before I leave on holidays for a week in sunny Puerto Vallarta! This is my first trip to Mexico, and I’m super excited, however, there’s still a lot to do both in my personal, and professional lives before I go.

I’ll be staying at the beautiful Signature by Pinnacle resort (pictured above) in the heart of the old city. The views from what I’ve seen, look spectacular.

Our room will be a full suite with kitchen, so we’ll be cooking a good portion of our own meals. I’m really looking forward to hitting the markets in Mexico and seeing what they have to offer. I’ve heard the quality, freshness and variety of the produce should be far beyond what we have available here. My head’s already spinning thinking of what I can create.

I’ll have my tablet, and camera, so I’ll be posting updates, and recipes that we prepare over the course of the week, which will take inspiration from the local cuisine.

Stay tuned!

* Image Credit – Resorts by Pinnacle

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